Sample Preparation

PCB Layout and Fabrication

Cheetah Inspection Inc. can design test boards according to the requirements of the board level reliability test.

In order to monitor whether the components are abnormal during the test, a daisy chain between the components and the circuit board to form a connected circuit after assembly, and determine whether there is a failure by detecting the resistance of the circuit.

SMT Reflow and PTH Wave Soldering

One-stop assembly service, from pick and place, SPI detection to reflow process​.

SMT Scope

The sample is heated by reflow profile, the heating process could be observed through camera at top side and lateral side.

BGA Ball Mount and Reball

Cheetah Inspection Inc. could remove BGA components from PCB, and then residue solder could be removed from BGA components, then form solder joints on BGA component with suitable size of BGA balls. The BGA component could be cleaned according to customer requirement.

Component Solderability Test

Component solderability test could be judged by wetting balance or SMT processs according to J-STD-002.