The European Union promoted the RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, in electrical and electronic equipment in 2006, which shocked the electronics assembly industries. A great deal of product verification needed to be completed since the reflow process changed from SnPb to lead-free. Shenmao Technology Inc. has developed lead-free packaging materials, and established laboratory for failure analysis, reliability, and product certification.

Shenmao Technology Inc.‘s customer base covers PCs, notebooks, servers, smart handheld devices, network communications, automotive electronics, etc. industry. With more than ten years of experience accumulation and refinement, Shenmao Technology Inc. not only provides high-quality packaging materials, but also provides advisory services in process technology, reliability verification and quality assurance. 

Cheetah Inspection Inc. is established in 2020 based on the existing Shenmao Technology Inc. R&D and laboratory teams, in order to meet the rapid development trend of the current electronic technology industry. Cheetah Inspection Inc. has obtained the ISO/IEC 17025 certification, and willing to focus on the field of testing and analysis, and providing customers with the fastest, accurate, high-quality testing services.