MA, Materials Analysis

TMA, Thermal Mechanical Analyzer

TMA is used to test the size change of the material with the change of temperature. TMA uses a heating furnace to provide a stable heating and cooling environment, and probes and sensors to measure the slight dimensional changes of the sample during the process. The following items can be measured by TMA:

CTE, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Measurement

The dimensional change could be calculated to CTE. TMA measures the dimensional change in the Z-axis direction, so the linear expansion coefficient of the sample will be obtained. 

Tg, Glass Transition Temperature Measurement

The Tg refers to the temperature at which the polymer material transitions between the glass state and the elastic state. There will be a significant CTE change during Tg transition due to the difference in structure.

Shear Test & Pull Test

Evaluate the joint strength of solder materials and SMD parts after soldering. The shear mode is used to test the shear force of solder bumps or SMD parts. The pull test of the solder bumps can be performed through the tweezers-type chuck.

Tensile Test

Evaluate the bonding strength of IC components in PCBA products. In addition, material tensile test could evaluate the mechanical properties of the material.